• Durable

    Durable labels must comply with strict resistance and durability requirements.
    They resist high temperatures, friction, chemicals, and the passing of time. This resistance feature makes them stand out.

  • Micro cuts

    These micro cuts can be applied on any kind of substrate, illustration, opp, polyester, void, depending on client´s requirement and their application.

  • Security

    The use of these security labels ensures inviolability and reliability of your products throughout the production and distribution chain, allowing to easily detect the opening of any type of material. When these labels are removed the word VOID will appear, either on the label or on the surface it was adhered to.

  • Destructible

    These labels have the peculiarity of breaking into small pieces when an attempt is made to remove them, avoiding its reutilization. A trace will be left that someone intended to remove them from the surface where they were first adhered to.

  • Traceability

    Labels for clients who need to trace the product or production chain, to ensure the initial information is constant throughout the process. The substrate must support printing by thermal transfer.